1984 IS OVER

Workin for the man
workin for the class
he’s a hardy hard habit to break
I’ll meet you at eight
by the lake
and when you pull up don’t forget to brake
(not like the last screwup who forgot to apply his brakes)
Bald-win!¬† paedophile at the rock’n’roll high school
hangin round the gym just to get an eyeful
panties sometimes stockings sometimes petite brassieres
the i think he’s got what he’s looking for clear
he’s the bald one, the only baldwin worth his salt
and i love him with every  figure of my soul
but i’m only a man can’t you understand it takes a minimum of two to tango
Smouldering Love God Alec Baldwin weighs in
Smouldering Love God Alec Baldwin weighs in
I break for cake for gods sake
my mans in the outfield buying yellowcake
but its cream, tangerine, lemon ivy
harangued by caramel thats a sticky mix i see
I tweeted the bird sanctuary
they told me you had flown the coop
no biggie for tupac and biggie smalls
they’ll be the biggest rappers of them all
…the… twittersphere… full of nudgerigars
oh what a collossal waste
Life is pretty cheap but for the frozen cheap wasters!
gorillaform contenders, suedehead boots downout racists
steer, queers, souvenirs, novelties, party tricks
wait, you dropped your phony dog poo back there in the sticks!
because 1984 is over
i predict
the earth will have a grand opening party
and while all crumbles and the earth spits and swallows
a little girl waits.
give her fifty dollars.
she don’t need fitty cent
she need fitty dollah

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