The And Band: Outhern

As requested, here are the tracks from the flipside of The Perfect Strangers: Not To Be Taken cassette, labelled as And Band: Outhern. Being that the track titles are in Kawowski’s inimitable handwriting, let’s assume that the cassette is a dub he made from an original compilation by Lindsay Maitland, that came into Stu’s possession c.1984.

The Outhern tracks were recorded in 1981 at Bealey Ave, Christchurch, after Richard Sedger had left, though he may play on some.

The bonus track (March of the Stronghold) was recorded in 1981 at the High St practice room that Perfect Strangers ‘Not to be Taken’ was recorded at.

Some ‘Outhern’ tracks were recorded there too, at least pretty sure ‘March of the Stronghold’ was.

EFS is a reference to Can’s ethnological forgery series. A series of tracks on Can albums, known as “Ethnological Forgery Series”, abbreviated to “E.F.S”, demonstrated the band’s ability to successfully recreate ethnic-sounding Music:. – Wiki.

Tracklist details updated 3 May 2017, after consultation with G.D.H.

–A Ski Tusk Wow


1. I Know (?)  Mark Thomas, George D. Henderson, Susan Ellis

2. Valhalla  Music: George D. Henderson; Words: Mark Thomas

3. Hell  George D. Henderson

4. Hell Pt 2  George D. Henderson

5. Home On The Range  Song by George D. Henderson; performed by George D. Henderson, Mark Thomas, Susan Ellis

6. Home On The Range Pt 2 Song by George D. Henderson; performed by George D. Henderson, Mark Thomas, Susan Ellis

7. Folkystrum 1 EFS

8. Folkystrum 2 EFS

9. Nausea  Words: Susan Ellis; Music: George D. Henderson

10. Dr Brill  Song George D. Henderson; performed by George D. Henderson, Mark Thomas, Susan Ellis

11. Intoxication  Words: Lindsay Maitland; Music: Calum Duncan Maclean; performed by George D. Henderson, Mark Thomas, Susan Ellis

12. She Done Daid  Words: H. P. Lovecraft; Music: George D. Henderson & Mark Thomas

13. Holier Than Thou  Music: Susan Ellis & Bill Vosburgh; Lyrics: George D. Henderson

14. March On The Stronghold  Music: Susan Ellis

15. Don’t Wake Up Grandfather (Bonus track) Music: Susan Ellis; performed by George D. Henderson, Mark Thomas, Susan Ellis


Glitter screenprint poster for artist Graham Snowden's SKULLS installation/performance featuring The And Band, c. 1984 (poster printed by Kawowski at Ink Inc).
Glitter screen-print poster for Graham Snowden’s SKULLS show featuring the And Band, c.1981 (poster printed by Stu Kawowski at INK INC).

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  2. George

    Valhalla is Music by George Lyrics by Mark and George; it has become Rainbow Bridge Airlines on the upcoming Playboys in the Bush album by The Puddle; on which is another track called Valhalla, which is based on the riff from the middle-8 section of Intoxication here; the rest of Intoxication was written by Ian Henderson’s friend Callum in Scotland from lyrics by Lindsay, and the bass line was re-arranged by me (from straight punk to chromatic jazz) later. She Done Daid is from a pulp fiction re-write by H.P. Lovecraft. Nausea is Susan’s lyrics my music. Dr Brill is on Into The Moon, my song from a non-fiction paperback about Bellvue psych hospital in the ’60s. Holier Than Thou is blasphemous and we were punished for sentiments like “I was in the church/ of the Holy Virgin Mary/ Looking for an altar to abominate/ looking for an idol to befoul”. In my defense, we were living in Christchurch, the born-again capital of New Zealand, and were continually being harrassed by half-witted, half-crazed evangelists. The religion of born-again salvation supplies intoxication and stupefaction to people who can’t handle sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Whatever turns you on, but leave me out of it, and don’t pretend that Christ made any of those offers – you won’t find them in the Gospels.


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