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Some new old Reviews – Aquarius Records 2014

Reprinted from: ABOVE GROUND Gone Aiwa (Siltbreeze) lp 15.98 Another awesome legendary archival release out of the NZ underground from Siltbreeze, this one the super obscure Above Ground, who existed for all of a single year back in 1983, and made this one record, originally released as a super limited cassette, only sold at […]

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Axemen in Top 101 strangest records on on spotify

reprinted from: There is an argument, popular among some, that a career in music is just too easy these days. Whether that’s true or not is impossible to quantify – too easy compared to what, exactly? – but it’s safe to say that if you choose to make records like Big Cheap Motel then […]

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The Axemen 30 years on – where are they now?

Sunday 22┬áSeptember 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of the seminal ‘Equinox’ gig at Dunedin’s luminary bat-corridor The Empire Tavern, pseudo-Transylvanian Castle (at the time) of the infamous Maureen, an actual vampire who was to become the Axemen’s gothic nemesis for a spell. And spell she could, she could cast a spell as evil as any […]

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