8 thought on “Christchurch 2008 xmas / NY gig”

  1. G Washingtoon

    Tentative c/point to Dragan’s Jelly-roll as casually mooted.

    Jelly Rock

    NB: all but one drug ref is vicarious. And I warnz ya, before you finish y’ll really wish the man from Porlock was still around to make house calls.

    Rake/River/Opaque/Oh Shivver….

    Your snoozing body is a trembling vo’cano
    I’m nervous wreckage because of my brain, oh
    and now you’re all Jello, so mellow, with ‘cellos
    the additives subtle, there’s now no rebutal
    I’ll miss C’s Cigarette’s this Noo years,
    her butt’ll be shimmying,
    the safecracker jimmying,
    Gershon Legman quimmying,
    six feet down,
    putrefied and still spinnying


    When the orange is Clockwork the lemons are spinning,
    When Burgess goes Nadsat, the biographer’s whinnying
    I need parkinson’s, Vitus’s, ague, and quinine,
    Malaria, aquaria, librium, codeine,
    Opium, roping-’em, steerage and morphine,
    Heroin, Halcion, Burroughs, endorphines,
    synthemesc, oscillants, di-hydro monoxide
    Cactus and Mushroom, Moloko and Suicide
    Ketamine, mescaline, the gas they whip cream with,
    Aliester’s Libers, the knickers of Queen Liz,
    Anti-depressants, exciters, suppressants,
    Inhibitor, emetic, cosmetic, inhalant,
    Intravenous and enema, fronds and good buddies
    And Jelly will roll through the course of my studies


    like the octuple Gloucester that Thomas envisaged,
    Like the last belly-dancer on naval manouevers
    Like Henderson, Laughner, like Zarakov’s writing
    Less than Andband or Strangers but still out there writhing,
    like Elsey, and Reta, Mancini and Billesdon,
    Iommi, Mouskourri, McCabe, Stu and Brannigan
    If only inertia would stop me from starting,
    If only these powders would stop me from farting,
    If I could get my inertia in chemical form
    And fake tonsilitis for fever this warm

    I’ll hoist Jelly Roger, my figurehead quailing,
    I’ll hara-poon Dobbyn, protest at his whaling,
    It’s not rigor-mortis, not penophethaline,
    It’s Jelly, or gelignite, not tonight Josephine,
    Pound me w/ Kulcher, Meltz me Aesthetic,
    Quaker me, Gutteridge me, call me pathetic,
    Encipher, reJoyce me, but don’t call me Beckett,
    Gelignite, every night, it’s always the same,
    The Jelly will Rock and the cradle will flame,
    The Jelly will Rock and the cradle will flame,
    The Jelly will Rock and the cradle will flame,
    The Jelly will Rock and the cradle will flame,
    (rpt ad nausm. or until band outnumber unband)

    Obviously needs editing somewhat — can you cut it down to a sonnet but retain the overall sense?


  2. G Washingtoon

    StuKa, I dropped of the Young & the Wreckless, the Gangrene and the Orange, to Te Media Club yesternoon. Keith had ’em up in pride of place when I skulked back in at 9:00 pm for Zer0.

    Talked to Duane thisafro and he may overcome both inherent inertia AND Timaru and be there s’well.


  3. G Washingtoon

    By ‘there’ I meant ‘here’, but it’s your ‘there’ as y’ain’t ‘here’ yet. And I never understood relativity, other than that inbreeding was to be avoided if your family tended towards a history of Bedlam. (skip the sheep shots)

  4. G Washingtoon

    not confirmed but he knows about it, will be in Te Maru for Xmas so hoping CHCH for Axemas. Can’t see him wanting to miss it, but he was too ‘tired’ to take the bike ride he takes every day to go and see los terminalos first dun perf in multi-years. Bank on possibilty that getting to CHCH may be all he manages!

    Stil a good drummer though, the few times I’ve seen him play in recent years (International Telepaths and Wolfskull) show he hasn’t lost his on’ness when it counts.

    Wil ring him again twice before 25

  5. G Washingtoon

    When I find meself in times new trouble
    Steve McCabe just nods to me
    Radiating wisdom
    Let it Be, let it be

    Stu beats out the pathway
    Sometimes 4/4 sometimes 3/3
    Saving all the moments
    Let it be, let it be

    LIB, LIB, in 4/4 or in 3/3
    There will never be a ‘right’ way

    LIB, LIB.

    Bob we’re gonna wiss you,
    Just like Roky and Lee Harvey shoulda ought,
    It’s taking Dragan, Joanne, Sharon, Lisa, Rustle,
    Now it’s taut

    Let it B Let it D let it C let it E
    Let it B augmented
    Let it B Let it E

    Let it Be, B, Be, Bee,
    Just like human, bumble, Brie
    Fine cheeses resurrected
    Let it Be, Let it Be



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