Elborados Fury – Drive In Saturday

Inland Revenue's new 24 hr drive thru in Chch

Mick at Grand Opening of Inland Revenue’s new 24 hr drive thru in Chch

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On Saturday August 16, 2009,  Axemen Taxman, grunty bass player and disgruntled employee Mick Elborado decided he had had enough and wasn’t  going to take it any more after years of abuse from the IRD.

Driving into the place that had been his nemesis for the past 25 years he felt an eery calm as he took the final turnoff, revved the vehicle and drove through 3 plate glass windows and into the reception area, then stepped from the car taking care not to trample the glass into the new carpet – “I didn’t want to get in trouble” – and calmly waited for the police to arrive.

Te Tari Taake or Te Tari Turkey?

Te Tari Taake or Te Tari Turkey?

On their arrival he quipped “Its OK officer, I work here!” as they cuffed him and hauled him away.

Its Ok Officer I work here!

Its OK Officer I work here!

When asked for a quote about the split he cited musical differences and wanting to spend more time on his private projects – “My dentistry business is really picking up!” he chirpily quoted to one reporter.

It was fairly obvious robbery was not the motive, in fact as with many people that come through these doors he later noted he later checked his wallet and realised he had left with $150 less than what he came in with. “Even after all these years I still don’t know how they do that” he noted, shaking his head.

Mick doing the hard yards awaiting bail

Mick doing the hard yards awaiting bail

After 6 hours in the infamous Sydenham Prison he was put out on the street on bail with his brother Des.

We will be following his case with interest and keeping you posted.

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7 thought on “Elborados Fury – Drive In Saturday”

  1. breakfastwithspanky

    Hey Mick!

    Very interesting story, would you be up for a chat about it on the show tomorrow morning 8:10am? Let me know asap – morgan@rdu.org.nz or 021 935 093


    Producer – Breakfast With Spanky
    RDU 98.5FM

  2. Amanda

    Hi Mick

    I agree this is an interesting story – if you’d like to talk to us here at Newstalk ZB and Classic Hits please call me on 3633 555.



  3. Juliet

    Hey Mick,

    We’re really keen to talk to you about this and tell your story on our News tonight.

    Give me a call if you get this on 364 9363 or 027 223 8833

    Many thanks

    Juliet Speedy
    3 News.

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  5. rob

    Hiya Mick. Hope yr ok. Heard about this via the lovely letter Mr Crawford sent you. Be careful out- or in- there! All the best, mate.
    Rob Stowell


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