Spaceman coming to earth
a song by steve mccabe
lights on a sycamore tree
lit up like a christmas tree
what will the spaceman see when he comes to land?
a fight with a hand to hand expert
you’re bound to end up in the dirt
but its vile and sick to not give the spaceman a rousing hand
not used as yet:
a fine spectacle he made splashing down in the ocean
so much emotion
lollipop guards stand over the crossing like its a hooplah table
not just another drop in the ocean
coincidence is purely accidental
standing guard obviously wants it all
its in your best interests, its what its all about

6 thought on “Spaceman coming to earth”

  1. kawowski Post author

    And those nutsack ones are groovy… I don’t know which one I like best. I do quite like your introduction of some noise to the proceedings. I sent the nutsack link to Lesley Z. Paris in Dunedin, she said she’d play an Axemen track on her next show for our birthday 🙂


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