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The Axemen – Bus boys from way back

The long association of The Axemen with the buses of Otago probably began with their featuring role in Wilma McCorkindale’s seminal book on the subject, Otago Road Services Ltd – A Brief History. While researching the book McCorkindale became fascinated (some would say obsessed) with these ‘frequent flyers’ and would chat with them for virtually […]

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Knock-Knock Who’s-There Smell-Map

Map 1 here shows the whereabouts of various members of the Axemen in the first few months of the band’s existence. PHOTO-ESSAY: A LITTLE BIT OF YESTERDAY South Dunedin – home of the South Dunedin Sound. Maureen of the Empire Tavern about to burn life-size effigy of Little Stevie McCabe. <– South Dunedin | Starliners […]

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