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The Mind/Move It, Groove It

THE MIND (stereo) Steve-vocals, gtr Bob-gtr Gordo Baird-bass Stu K.- drums, skull pic Al Right-sax 212 Peterborough St, 15-9-84 MOVE IT, GROOVE IT (stereo) Steve-vocals, casiotone SK1 Stu-casiotone SK1, lettering Bob-bass Cassy O’Tone-tapes, mix Stu’s pad, Colombo St, around Oct. 84 <.> another axemen anno xxv rediscovery series mix <.>

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aka Return to the Planet of “A Scar Is Born” Map 2a: Axemen in Christchurch, Jan-Aug 1984 By January 1984, McCabe and Brannigan share a house in Peterborough St, inner-city Christchurch, with Steve‚Äôs then-girlfriend Virg, her sister Bernie, and Lisa Preston. Notice how said house is positioned: almost on a straight line almost equidistant from […]

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