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A Space Dust-Up

reprinted with kind permission of ‘sweet’ duane zarakov, from his insightful, churlish, and fascinating blog http://www.geocities.com/duane_zarakov/ ©2001 SPACE DUST (some stuff about my band) This has been kind of my main band for, uh, lemme think, 6 or 7 years or something…since ’93 actually, jeez it’s been a while. It’s been going along pretty slowly for […]

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[reprinted with kind permission of the auteur, Duane Zarakov, from his extant blog, http://www.geocities.com/duane_zarakov/] OCCULT FIGURES – MEETING THE PERFECT STRANGERS For my last year of high school I had to go to a private boarding school in Christchurch where pretty much the only music the other boys ever listened to was Led Zeppelin, the […]

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