Knock-Knock Who’s-There Smell-Map

Map 1 here shows the whereabouts of various members of the Axemen in the first few months of the band’s existence. PHOTO-ESSAY: A LITTLE BIT OF YESTERDAY South Dunedin – home of the South Dunedin Sound. Maureen of the Empire Tavern about to burn life-size effigy of Little Stevie McCabe. <– South Dunedin | Starliners […]

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Prehistoric Posters from Dunedin & Christchurch

Found these on a Christchurch City Council Libraries website of all places . . . The first is from late 82 or early 83, advertising a gig at the infamous Empire Tavern in Dunedin. This poster was scrapped together from old posters and other art by Stu and whacked out in a night at the […]

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