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Wellington’s Spies – Memoirs of a metamusician

[reprinted with the permission of author, George D Henderson] Memoirs of a Metamusician: the Story of the Spies 1978 – 1980 I arrived in Wellington at the start of ’78, newly punked up after seeing Dylan Tate’s epochal “Radio With Pictures” punk special and Sex Pistols interview (outside Buck House) at the end of ’77. […]

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The Spies Who Loved Me

George Henderson’s move to Wellington was notable for many reasons, including the formation of the band THE SPIES, sharing  Chris Plummer with the legendary Shoes This High. The full lineup of the Spies consisted of: George Henderson – Guitar, Voice, Organ Susan Ellis – Organ, Piano, Voice, Guitar Chris Plummer – Drums Richard Sedger – […]

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