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Some Bullshit Podcast: Episode One features Axemen “Pacific Ocean”

Nestled amongst fellow Kiwis Chris Heazlewood,  The Gordons– (live at Taita pub, 1982) and illuminaries Jad Fair and The Raincoats sits a somewhat abruptly truncated “Pacific Ocean” by The Axemen on this nearly 60 min sHit-Fi podcast…  Some Bullshit Podcast: Episode One sunday, december 30, 2007 Listen: HERE Subscribe: HERE          Time: 57 Minutes, 11 Seconds Tracks: 19 Genres: Lo-Fi, Post-Punk, Punk, Noise-Rock, Dicking Around In The Bedroom With […]

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Axemen – Three Virgins, Three Versions, Three Visions (1986) on lost-in-tyme blog

PLEASE NOTE: Read comments below for an update on the lost in tyme AXEMEN article and news of their removal of the “Three Virgins” download. The administrator RainyDaySponge is a thoroughly cool guy who has a very interesting site (full of muchas oscuridades) that is always getting better. Check it out. The lost in tyme […]

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