Month: July 2009

wunderbar REEVIEW PT ONE

The Aesthetics, Stevie McCabe and Bastardwisher =—–Wunderbar 28th July 2009 review by a participant. PART UNO : >>> “Come together – right Now – Over me.” Gen X . The original punks, methinks the youngest of the Exers gotta be something like 33 or something. Ands there’s the ageism already. And thats the last of […]

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Shoes This High – Live 22 June 1980

Thistle Hall, in the ’80s – thats the 1980’s for you young-ass mofos Recorded and mixed by Andy Drey (Steroids/Body Electric) at Billy The Club, 22 June 1980, (incidentally Steve’s 14th birthday) (recording courtesy of Bob Sutton). 01 Shoes This High – Monodrone 6:39 02 Shoes This High – Living Hell 1:08 03 Shoes This […]

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“BEAT IT” BOYS Live (1983) (K WoW Loud Mix)

“Beat It” (Jackson M.) (K Wow Loud mix) AXEMEN recorded live on 4-track at the Star & Garter, Christchurch, New Zealand Guy Fawkes Day 5/11/83 by Hamish Kilgour (features Steve, Bob, Mick & Stu). 06′29 dur. Beat It (K Wow Loud mix) [1st Verse] They Told Him Don’t You Ever Come Around Here Don’t Wanna See Your […]

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