Escape from the Planet of the Tapes

Here’s a mixed bag of cassette-only goodies . . .

hello (aka “Burn” alt mix)

cold beer (alt mix)

jah & his herb (alt mix)

–undated, probably from Christchurch practises late 1984. Presence of saxophone and graphic equalizer are big time-clues, plus references to beer & god, plus the other side of the tape features the song “the panther of the suburbs” whose lyrics Steve channeled in trance-state following A SCAR IS BORN sessions, mid-84.

sugar daddy

live at the Star & Garter in Christchurch, 4 November 1983. This is around the time of the MICK’S DANCEFLOOR (MIX) sessions, and Mick himself, M. S. Agro, plays bass with us for the first of a whole bunch of great gigs.

untitled by unknown

–live at Christchurch City Mall, c.1984. Sounds like there’s a clarinet on this too so likely features members of the Axemen marching band who did stuff up and down Colombo Street. While marching. In a band. More from Live at City Mall

fever (cooley-davenport)

gypsies, tramps & steves

Axmin biggish band again at Whangarei Busker’s Convention, December 1985.


–live at Cashel St practice rooms, early-mid 1986, with vocal overdubs by Steve & his 4-track.


FREAK OF THE WEEK (from behind)

7 thought on “Escape from the Planet of the Tapes”

  1. theaxemen Post author

    “untitled by unknown” has a really strange reverb, sounds like it was recorded on a cellphone or security camera, dig the snare echo bounce…

    “jah & his herb” is a tailor-made hit for contemporary Deutschlander audiences. They love their reggae and dub over there, it’s funny cos they drink litres of Dunkel-Weißen and dance to da rasta boogie!

    – Walkout Kiss

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