Gig Report, Newtown Farewell Gig, Ariki st , auckland,friday August 7 [Bobs birthday] – hello darkness my old friend

Newtown - l-r {girl peeing in cup, probably not a pregnancy test} Greta, Kirsten- i am almost sure that goatee and moustache is fake...

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Ironically it was Bob who didn’t show on the very night of his birthday bash but fortunately Celia assumed the role of Bob admirably in the Axemen’s short but brief albeit cutdown and necessarily concise set later into the evening. Two exquisite songs Womin of Love and the trex classic Buick MacKane

But I digress, this was Newtown’s night as the lovebirds plan to head off to the US to seek their fame and fortune and we all of course wish them the best in their pursuit of the dream.

Ariki Street, Auckland
Ariki Street, Auckland

In some ways it was hard to disconnect the incestuous associations from the music in the lineup of bands on this night but this turned out to be a bonus for all involved as there was a general vibe of love and peace in the air uncommon to many a house party.

The Newtown, darkly lit video, but with great Alice Cooper bits - click for video
The Newtown, darkly lit video, but with great Alice Cooper bits - click for video

Newtown played first, followed by the Hissyfits then penultimately  the Axelmin (Stu, Celia & Steve) preceding the Hairdos, hosts of the party and friends of all.

Celia X
Celia X... smouldering, small & feisty as usual on this nite
Celia X, TCB
Celia X, TCB a few milliseconds before blacking my eye and leaving an intriguing TNUC welt on my forehead

More emotional upheaval for me, but thats rock’n’roll… celia and stu played fantastically and i was well satisfied with my guitaring and singing – unfortunately singing a bit quiet on the recording but thats the nature of da bidnis.

Thanks to Liz for the padded wall, I had a little bit of a sore back from being round at davey g’s and working on his dodgy wokstation.

probably contracted the swine flu sitting out in the back yard between sets, but frankly i don’t care – this is what its all about and i miss it and want more, once again.

no sex, no sax, but a great time nonetheless with great pals and a great evening which i wouldn’t trade for the world… thanks 2 all

great but darkly video here of womin of love/buick mccane (t.rex, ladies first)

all i can say is wow these are the good old days

This is why video killed the radio star
(Click for radio without pictures) This is why video killed the radio star - axelmin, ariki st, auckland 7 august 2009, bobs 444th birthday, dancing on the ceiling LET THERE BE ROCK

can’t beat the original though- but i think we came close… almost simultaneously – they had better lighting, and vocal amplification, even in the 70’s with no guitar leads or mics….

T Rex - Buick MacKane - the original
T Rex - Buick MacKane - the original

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