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My alter ego’s actions seem entirely reasonable if has to deal with people who speak like this on a daily basis: 
“Information has come to my attention which indicates that you may have intentionally driven a car through Inland Revenue’s Christchurch building … I am concerned that your conduct may be inconsistent with the Code of Conduct.”
Not sure about the Mick Eldorado bit though 

The beard was a clever disquise though Obie
Hummm was there a Mazda in that car line up of yours??? 
Now if they had said your band was the Marlin Axeman ha!LOL 
Obie and the Marlin Axeman… got a ring to it, Boulder playing 2nd fiddle???
 well done that man.
 Wouldn’t surprise me if the careful manner in which he did the deed and the way he ensured no others were likely to be injured during his gesture are actually found to be covered in the code of conduct.
What a crock, the man should get hung, drawn and quartered. 
Drawn by the finest artists, hung in the best galleries and quartered in the top hotels!
One day the boffins at IRD might actually realise how stressful their PC-ness is to us mortals.  Then again maybe not…

Will the real slim shady please stand up 
Yeah and doesn’t the statement by Mr Crawford epitomize the utter b.s. world he must live in.
Reckon David Theobald should now sue IRD, claim ACC, get over $1000 per week on benefits..

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