It was 40 years ago today – Abbey Road Cover pic anniversary – on Bob’s Birthday!!

I want you – I want you so bad

i want you – i want you so bad its driving me mad its driving me mad

40 years ago today sgt pepper took this photo on abbey road, london…. the mysterious eggman and walrus sketches have faded over the years but have been enhanced using y2k technology… you be the judge…

the Beatles L-R - the eggman, the eggman, the walrus, john (the walrus was paul)

3 thought on “It was 40 years ago today – Abbey Road Cover pic anniversary – on Bob’s Birthday!!”

  1. W Allrus

    Schist so heavy, the yolk’s on the dead guy, Starkey-Raving mad. Nice walrus — didn’t get it till I blow-upped the pic to (actual size) and now I see why Epstein became time’s man’o’th’cent’ry with the old ‘e is McCartney (square) formula oft abbrev’d to E is McCL7 , and espec after earballing the posthumour’us trib ‘1 wan jew’ on Abb. Rd.

  2. mandypandy

    Ok i think this was a nice attempt, but, i know you tried to put the walrus head on Paul but somehow its on Ringo…you realize that…right?…well otherwise its clever, but in the “i am the walrus” song john sings that he is the walrus, and he sings that the walrus was Paul in “glass onion.” so Paul and John should be walruses and George and Ringo should be egg men, if you can tell which one is which, something that you couldn’t do with this…

    1. steve mccabe Post author

      Yes but thats a glass onion half-empty / half full thing – because its pure speculation unless McArtney spills it on his deathbed, and you’d have to thake THAT with a pinch of salt it could just have easily have been Ringo.

      My theory is it was always Ringo but they found it easier to rhyme ‘clue for you all’ with ‘walrus is paul’, although he could have if he had wanted to… ‘heres another truth you can cling to, the walrus was ringo…’ or even ‘heres another fact you can’t forge, the walrus was george’
      if we can learn anything from the beatles (and thats a hypothetical ‘if’, everyone can learn from the beatles) its to open up and expand your mind – to quote Crass ‘the only authority is yourself!’


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