Its Official! Bob resigns!

Reuters, 10 July 2011
Bob Brannigan officially quits the Axemen.
Surviving members aghast and distraught, but vow to continue on.
In a brief email statement to fellow band-members after the group were offered a lucrative ground-breaking tour deal to Aussie and all points West, the Bobster wrote, and i quote:
” this is a no from me. Any other Axemen-related offers you may receive, please count me out, I am well & truly an ex-member.
regards, bob”
So, what gives?
What lurks in the heart of man so darkly the darkest parts of it make dark matter seem positively radiant?

Bob & Liz, 2009

What would make a precocious gawky dead-frightened teenage boy decide he could follow his dreams one day, then dash the dreams of everyone around him on a whim?
What makes one lad’s battle more worthy?
What makes one lad’s pal more swarthy?
What gives one the right to get down and dirty
Without even asking?
Girls bums are too big, girls can do anything
all you ten ants good for cooking and cleaning
i got nothin for you but i’ll give you what i got
best get your shots baby be sure to get ALL your shots

Bob is gone
long live Bob
now let’s go out and rock!

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