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  1. Anthony

    Nice one Dave. I understand the incompetance and bullying they do to their own. I only stayed with them a couple of years and that was about 2 years too long. I chose to walk out about 4 years ago. You know who I am. I worked with you. Thank you Dave for being a good team mate and helping me out when I got stuck with some of the work. I am sad you have had to endure for so long their incompetence and retoric. It is people like you Dave that bring personality, saness or whatever to that environment when there is basically none. It does not surprise me that with all their resources, skillbase, leadership etc that they could not reslove any issues or concerns you raised with them. I understand, support you and wish you all the best and hope to see you around sometime.

    1. mick

      Anthony — Bloody good to see your name — you were the one who helped me the night before I referred myself to the Doc when I was bad and had the first paranoid symptoms many years ago which IR seized as a wedge to get Carol in on the act — I really appreciated your help then and I’d love to catch up.

  2. Constant Noise

    Take a Bow my friend!! you have made a stand where others have failed, but like any good govt itll be swept under the table and youl get maxium punishment.. its the way this is all designed.

    1. mick

      Max punishment for the crime is OK — I did it I take the consequences and I care little about anything except total transparency of process at this point. Send me books in jail if that’s what happens.

  3. superman

    Quote “He also said he wanted to highlight the potential for a terrorist attack if someone were to drive a car full of explosives into the building.
    It’s just another 9/11 waiting to happen,”. Now thats jsut funny! i love people who try to use “TERRORIST ATTACK” to make a statement!

    1. mick

      Hey ‘Superman’ — go look at the car — it’s barely scratched — go look at the police report — I’ll put it up — go call someone a terrorist when you use your own name the way I did and am, and when you do just a little bit of fact checking. I was told today about the building owners concern and said I’ll pay for the glass if I can find a job. Totally accountable.

      Put your real name to your comment somewhere further down — Otherwise eat Kryptonite-ah

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  5. Peta

    I wish I had the guts to do that! I resigned from my job 3 mths ago because I couldn’t handle the bullying by the Boss any longer. I filed formal complaint letters to management all the way to the top dog, inc. info of others being bullied. So far…….nothing!! And let’s just say, I’m not holding my breath.
    They don’t want to acknowledge there’s a problem because it reflects on the company itself.
    I hope to God you don’t have to serve time for you’re only way of showing them how bad the situation is.
    They need to know, once a bully….always a bully!!!!

    1. mick

      I’m hoping this reopens the whole bullying debate — all of the team leaders (and sad to say union delegates) in earshot knew that tyhis met all the criteria of workplace bullying — they’d all had training in the subject — but if they’re scared of the bully…

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  7. Victimised

    You’re a Brave Man Dave.
    Possibly not the wisest way to bring attention to the incompetence at the IRD ,considering you broke the Landlords building, which I think you should apologise to him for, but stand your ground with your incompetent “bosses”
    good luck

    1. mick

      Hey Victimsed (and use your own name everyone if you want to make a point rather than support or unsupport — i.e. you raise a point that needs answering) Ian Stewart of the press and Don his cameraman mentioned the building owners discontent — after a bit of discussion about what would happen to the glass if IR were not tenants “i guess it’d be thrown away” I agreed the building owner had suffered damage and if so I’d try to cover the cost of the glass over a period of time.

      I’m not a kamikaze psycho with no respect for property — But maybe you should read Emma Goldman a bit — and then tell me how else I should have dealt with this — would you know about my situation if I hadn’t done this? And who victimised you? You don’t have to be a victim — you just follow due process until it works, or doesn’t. If you’ve got a good case or good friends you should be able to get resolution eventually.

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  9. A New Hope

    Dude, what a legend. I to have worked at places that treat staff like no ones. AND THE MANAGERS, people who know how to suck dick and thats about it. Useless people is useless jobs who get their little power trip and forget to treat people with respect.

    Good on you, I hope more people around the country does this to stand up to the bullying, stress, hardship and lack of respect we put up with.

    To your managers… The fact one of your staff members was forced to drive a car into your building to release the anger and stress you have put him through just shows a perfect example of imcompetent, useless management.

    Mick, good on you for taking a stand… about time someone showed them whos boss.

  10. Berenike

    Wow – epic! I’ve been following the news coverage Dave, it’s everywhere! Tax anyone? Would anyone like some tax? Haha I can almost feel the heat of IR’s middle-management dronelike disapproval from all the way over here! I bet there was a fair share of sad head-shaking and tongue-clucking in the office that day.

  11. Johnny Penn Ultimate

    Hi Mick,

    Where do I make a donation?

    I admire your spectacular non-violent protest.

    The South Tonight support your cause and will help if we can.

    Keep smiling because I reckon you have a lot of supporters out there.

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  13. R.T

    So are you Mick or Dave? At the risk of you plowing through my house for disagreeing with your stance of “attack anyone who isn’t 100% in support of me” would you then agree with what that Clayton Weatherston did also? Because he was “provoked” or didn’t like the way other people treated him?

    You think that driving your car into a building is the appropriate way to deal with an employment dispute, no doubt by now you will have found that lawyers and forms of media are handy…am I the only one who doesn’t belong in a psyc ward and can think of non-violent or aggressive ways to address workplace problems.

    I do agree that the IRD and many government agencies are absolutely useless and that sometimes we have to come up with more resourceful conflict resolutions but the way you have gone about it is willful damage and I’m not sure how people can “show their support of your innocence” when ummm…you even put up photos showing that yes that was you having a tantrum and broom-broom into the building.

    Apparently no-one else finds it scary that you’re exactly on par with the kid who takes the gun to school to kill his classmates, the world isn’t fair but there are far more appropriate ways of bringing that to attention.
    I sincerely hope that your mental heath problem is addressed speedily.

    1. Anthony


      Dave has hurt nobody and has no intention on doing a ‘Clayton Weatherston’ to anybody. AND he accepts responsibilty for his actions (unlike Clayton Weatherston). The problem is that Dave had to get his frustration out and protest what he believes is a totally unjust environment. Having had personal experience I know for a fact that what he claims goes on there actually does go on. The Managers and so called team leaders are guilty of breaking all sorts of rules and indeed the law by permitting workplace bullying, harrasment and racism. The IRD Management COVERS IT UP. At the first sign of you not towing the line so to speak, they find ways of shutting you up. For example they will turn the attention to your performance. Even if you are doing OK they will assign you work that you will have trouble doing and before you know it you are ‘under review’. Or perhaps you tell a joke in work time and before you know it someone has complained about you. Yet the same person will turn a blind eye to the 30 year veteran of IRD who thinks calling another team member a black jungle bunny (because they are Maori) or a retard (because they have had a stroke). And in my experience this happened on a daily basis. Seriously R.T you need to walk in the shoes of a person who has seen and had to try and deal with the crap that you endure to keep your job at the Inland Revenue Department. And by the way R.T, this is NOT the first time an IRD employee has taken more extreme measures to try and get their point across. And back to you R.T what do you think the approriate steps should have been to resolve the issues??? Because I can assure you that Dave/Mick would have followed ALL of the departments procedures to no avail.

    2. Cavalry Master

      Your really queer RT. It’s gutless bastards like yourself that submit to getting ass-fucked by a government that’d sooner see you dead.

      Guess that means I got a “mental health problem” then.

      You can’t fight bureaucracy with bureaucracy, they’ve rigged the system to work in their favor. There are only two ways to fight it, one is violence and the other is good-old-fashioned dissidence.

      Personally I opt for dissidence. Fags like yourself take submission purely out of fear. Other than that you probably work for them. One of those SIS “media management” pricks.

  14. Cameron Bain

    R.T. you are an idiot. In what fucked-up, parallel universe is property damage ‘exactly on par with’ taking lives? Moron.

  15. Pat

    Now thats jsut funny! i love people who try to use “TERRORIST ATTACK” to make a statement ……

    Hey Superman,

    Lets see YOU go into any airport and say the word “bomb” (in a voice that can be generally heard) and be allowed to walk out ….. you ass will hit a cell floor quicker than your little brain can awaken.
    You’ve got rice grains, whereas this guy’s got coconuts! Crawl back under your rock.

  16. Ron B

    I always suspected you were a mad cunt. I love my Ford Telstar TX5 Ghia, which is a rebadged Mazda 626. Cruelty to automobiles is cruel and senseless. PS a former Axeman stole my girl. I fucking hate the Axemen.
    Ron B

  17. J.M

    Hi Mick.

    I don’t know if you are allowed to say this or not, but I was just wondering what floor you worked on?

    I really hope that the issue of bullying in IRD is given some serious consideration in light of what you did.


  18. Michael Stevenson

    I know from my own experience that instead of actually fixing problems, far too many bureaucracies are more concerned in covering their own asses. Often the ONLY way to get things resolved is force them into Public Scrutiny. I salute your courage.


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