No-one wants to hear your blues

Clipping the ticket at every opportunity
Never leaving a space for operative unity
never mind the ballots heres the system, you’ve swallowed it
hook, line and sinker, just for the hell of it

its a helluva time to be raising a brat
Glad i’m not a part of thar, wouldn’t wanna touch that
Welcome to the world, eve of destruction
Won’t you come on in, I can’t offer you nix but distaction
tell me over and over/////
how much it sucks
to be in your shoes
how many more times doihave to tell you
no-one wants to hear about your motherfuckin blues
Every tie you open your mouth
I see a little more sick in it
an open cavity stinking of gin
frankly i find it sickening
tomboy rumours send heavens abound
heavens to betsy, you’ve heard the rumours
you saw the results from the ultrasound
For fucks sake, you haven’t got a tumor

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