SMAK ATTACK —27 tracks

(total dur. 43 mins)

Recorded 1978, at The Terrace, Wellington. Featuring George D. Henderson (guitar, keyboards, vocals, Watkins Copicat tape echo unit); Lindsay Maitland (tea pot and fire grill percussion set); Richard Sedger (acoustic guitar and percussion, maybe some lead).

Smak Attack

01 Dolly Makes Me Slow
02 Too much echo
03 I Wanna be your Dog (Stooges)
04 Blank Speech Bubble 
05 More too much echo 
06 Drunk in Space 
07 14 seconds 
08 Tin pot drum solo 
09 The King of China’s Daughter 
10 Small Axe (Marley) 
11 Too much more echo 
12 Chiming 
13 Acoustic 
14 Possibly not enough echo 
15 Mamelons D’amadou 
16 Acoustic 2 
17 Round 
18 (Why Am I) Too Short 
19 or Shorter 
20 The Family needs the eggs 
21 More Interesting Backwards 
22 Tape Loop Hell 
23 Farfisa at Large 
24 Doctor Farfisa’s Organ 
25 Aprés Midi d’un Faux 
26 Is there a Farfisa in the House? 
27 Last Stops 

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