Time pushes

Time pushes a cigatetttte through the bats of this cage
this goddam monkeyhouse we live in
stuopidly plundered the shinebo, looking fpr loose change
like i needed another hole in the head
can’t hold a candle without blowing it away
no-one can stand it,seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind,
nevet knoing which way the wind blows
until its too late
too sensitive to smile, too evil to sneer
you’re undecided, now irs your turn to steer
god almighty, give me the strength to continue
do i amuse you, am i gonna have to take this gun, load it and put a bullet right in you?
its alright ladies i’m only messing wit yo
bur setiously i gor a cartridge here and i’m just about ready
to lock and load it into the breach my friend,
hit me one more time

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