wunderbar reeview part DUO

why more ? considering the last one was so succinct? Because I said I would. It was a night that could’ve fallen to bits. It was all brawls and band fights and  frustrated staff. My own fault, I knew the wild and crazy ways of the Bastardwisher band when i put them on the lineup. Like getting a slightly better behaved GG to play. So I kinda got what I asked for. But i won’t waste time wallowing in that psycho-logistical misery coz the whole thing was beautifully salvaged. The first few audience members came in to an air of stinking chaos, but the show went on. Everyone did their bestest.   Stevie’s assortment went from folk-blues street busker duo to  lap-top entrepreneur/electro-disco bit-beat to rock power trio all in one set. Mick on Bass, Lo-liner Rustle Coveney on drums. Pock’n’roll. Hoik it up. Hook me up. From jangle to dangle. Charmed. Act 2 and Sefton got up  and rocked an admirably calm set of re-constituted bits/bytes/beats chanting ‘ i was born in a rock’n’roll band’ in this hypnotized american drawl – cunningly referencing my very own ‘lines of flight’ gig earlier that year where i, in a hypnotized american drawl chanted  ‘I was born in the 1970s’ .  We would continue our fighting talk after the show. ……And then The Aesthetics. Doin the best we could with other peoples gear  in other peoples venues in other peoples cities. Muddled and dopey rifferama, weak high pitched melody , propulsive beatery and poisonous bass-buggery. With Sefty doin some of the work for us. By that stage I had already vented at him and had no energy left to evacuate him from the stage. One audience member didnt like it. Oh well. I’m just obsessing about it all now. There probably wasnt even a need to write  a part DUO either. Its a gig. Another shitty gig. A great reason to leave the dishes till tomorrow. Another night of it.  Theres more photos in the MEDIA SECTION.

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