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Introducing William 'a girls best friend' Daymond

In the wake of the departure of Bob Brannigan and Mick Elborado’s increasingly angry instability the remaining Axemen  would like to introduce the new beacon of rock’n’roll ardour, the hope of  Axemen Generation Y, the bass-bone connected to the backbone, the rhythm king, a girls best friend… William Daymond. Born in 1984, Daymond injects the […]

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Axemen Aussie Tour 2011: Dates and Sub-Blog

reprinted from: Australia Tour December 2011 VIEW TOUR SUB-BLOG 10th: Brisbane Negative Guestlist Festival 14th: Newcastle with Cock Safari Bare Grillz 15th: Sydney – Red Rattler with: Alps (Newcastle) XNobbqx (siltbreeze) Mad Nana( Melbourne supergroup) School Girl Report Satanic Rockers( Melbourne/NZ) 17th: Batemans Bay Festival with: Circle Pit, Paul Kidney Experience, Kitchens Floor, […]

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