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Straight to Hell :: album :: SHOES THIS HIGH

reprinted from: While Shoes This High’s existence was a mere glint in the eye of Father Time (a year or more, tops), they made every second count, stalking the New Zealand post-punk landscape—both North and South islands—with ravenous abandon. For most fans, their legend and reputation rest solely on the strength of one highly […]

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Just out of embargo : Bott 13 – Came a Bott Friday – installment 1

Te ‘Came a Bott Friday’ album was released sometime in 1987 and is also sometimes referenced as Bott 13 … te pota tiritina… enjoy! 1a Wake Of A Sinner 1b I Am The Seed 1c Yours Severely 1e Beats Under The Rocks S 1f Zion Steamroller S 2a Violence & Half-Uncles S 2b Too Much […]

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Axemen – The Schrödingers cat of New Zealand Music?

In an age of uncertainty, spare a thought for those trapped in the twilight zone. The place no-one wants to be but secretly wants to be more than anything. The only place anything really happens.Call it neither here nor there, being ‘between jobs’, re-evaluating your life, changing focus, whatever the label its where you want […]

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