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Done and Dusted – Dusted Magazine review of 3 Virgins re-release

Reprinted from: Normally, when people use the phrase ‘a musician’s musician’, it’s meant to describe some Les Claypool nightmare whose dexterity and technical skill can only be properly appreciated by people who have also dedicated themselves to a life of fretless guitars and sweep arpeggios. That being said: When New Zealand’s Axemen want to […]

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Snapshot of Top Search Terms on the Blog, to June 2011

Search Views dugong 6,357 switchblade 4,393 fonzie 4,047 humpback whale 2,809 whale 2,636 fingers 2,613 shrunken head 1,736 bonny and clyde 1,413 bloomers 1,187 sea cow 1,155 robert de niro 1,104 bonnie parker 1,040 old telephone 1,030 capitalism a love story 637 coca cola logo 615 humpback whale pictures 598 telepathy 557 kurt cobain diary […]

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