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Vosburgh on AXEMEN

At the recent MONSTER GIG at Christchurch’s glamorous crumbling Media Club, Bill Vosburgh handed Kawowski a single A4 sheet with a few paragraphs written on it all in capitals, relating to his earliest recollections of THE AXEMEN days in Christchurch (1983-1987). Luckily he stuck around and performed an incendiary blues rock set that night, as […]

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Wellington’s Spies – Memoirs of a metamusician

[reprinted with the permission of author, George D Henderson] Memoirs of a Metamusician: the Story of the Spies 1978 – 1980 I arrived in Wellington at the start of ’78, newly punked up after seeing Dylan Tate’s epochal “Radio With Pictures” punk special and Sex Pistols interview (outside Buck House) at the end of ’77. […]

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The art and magick of The Perfect Strangers, Chch 1980-1982

By George D.Henderson http://blogs.myspace.com/georgedhenderson Reprinted by permission of the author First published Friday, February 02, 2007 The art and magick of The Perfect Strangers, Chch 1980-1982 If The Perfect Strangers were only the blues-jam outfit implied elsewhere, I’d not be writing this story. The thing is, that Bill Vosburgh and Mark Thomas were two songwriting […]

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