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SOBS – ‘Complications’

(live in Auckland c.1979) After The Clean split in mid-1979, Hamish Kilgour, now as a frontman, formed The Sobs in Auckland with Michael Lawry (bass), Gary Hunt (drums) and Peter Hoffman (guitar) ex-Terrorways. They were short-lived and he soon headed back to Dunedin. (text originally c/o Michael Higgins for Audioculture) The live track (from 1979 […]

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The truth about the Skeptics’ A.F.F.C.O video

(The truth about the Skeptics’ A.F.F.C.O video reprinted with kind permission of Stephen Judd from his juicy SPLEEN blog) (September 12, 2003 ~ Stuart Page writes): Hey Stephen I read with interest your rave about meat — the dancing spring lambs, the eviscerator (Wow), and the Skeptics A.F.F.C.O. video. [youtube=http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=XIzLsARZrhg] Your story was not quite […]

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