This is WWIV – LSM confronts the Iron Eagle

01_Rock_Mountain 02_Push-A-Way 03  What Is Rock? 04  Back_2_The_City 05  Man-i-mal 06_I Wanna_Rock_It 07  Rock-n-Roll_Neanderthal 08  Black_Snake 09  Heavy_Water 10  Iron_Eagle In 1999, Marty Sauce and the Source’s principal songwriter and G.I.C.S.N. conceptual guru Davey G approached Little Stevie McCabe about doing the soundtrack arrangements for his visionary (but alas unreleased – until now!) apocalytic concept […]

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AXEMEN: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE IN 3288 DAYS (Compact Cassette: Sleek Bott, 1992)

Side A sober is a judge stop staring at me with your 3rd eye Side B sputnik stomp new york city bowling club all songs ©1992 Brannigan/McCabe published by Sleek Bott Music recorded at Frisbee Studios, Auckland produced by Z. Bob & Axemen artwork by Stu Kawowski Cassette manufactured by Stebbings, Auckland.

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