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SOBS – ‘Complications’

(live in Auckland c.1979) After The Clean split in mid-1979, Hamish Kilgour, now as a frontman, formed The Sobs in Auckland with Michael Lawry (bass), Gary Hunt (drums) and Peter Hoffman (guitar) ex-Terrorways. They were short-lived and he soon headed back to Dunedin. (text originally c/o Michael Higgins for Audioculture) The live track (from 1979 […]

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Mingus.. McCartney.. Agro.. Baird

This STEREO post, in STEREO, celebrates two great bassplayers who brought a whole lot of bottom to the Axemen sound (examples of which are included as mp3s below, in STEREO) and inspired the band totally and permanently…totally and permanently…totally and permanently… Bass Face #1: M. S. Agro, the taxman in the Axemen M. S. AGRO […]

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