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Some Pauls

Paul Bunyan (Axemen Theme) — version #1 is from Hell Farm, August 1983, with Steve & Bob on guitars. This version was released on the rare AXE OF THE APOSTLES cassette later that month. Paul Bunyan (Axemen Theme) — version #2 adds Stu K. on drums, from the Jetty St “Equinox” gig in Dunedin, 24 […]

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Arthur Sheep/Axemen ETHER BREATHER HABITAT Lost SpacePunkJazz Gem

fellow travellers in spirit realms ARTHUR SHEEP saxophone M. S. AGRO bass BOB BRANNIGAN, STEVE McCABE guitars STU KOWALSKI drums, percussion recorded 10-12-83 at Steve‚Äôs, Christchurch (EARTHside) & FutureHabitatNOW, Antichristchurch (alterEarth side) cover design by Ron Nabbibang (Etherdom Free Skypilot) EARTHside the untouchables fred & barney looking for ms. brenda lee nice place (skin might […]

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The Jazz Years: Arthur Sheep, Alan Right et al

Several blocks north of Christchurch’s Cathedral Square (in itself a home for nutters, wizards, punks and winged rats), just before you reach Bealey Avenue, lies a rambling cacophony of flatlets and the home of quite a different variety of nutters, freaks and certified intelligentsia too. Probably a “Clifford flat” (most of those grand old mansions […]

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