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LIVE AT CITY MALL Volumes 1 & 2

AXEMEN Stu K-drums/Steve M & Bob B-gtrs/Al Rite-sax/Gary Scott-clarinet/Pete Hall Jones-trumpet The Message (E. Fletcher-M. Glover-S. Robinson-C. Chase) Untitled By Unknown Axemen, Dogs, Cops City Mall #4 The CONNOISSEURS Rent Hamilton-gtr, vocals/Shorty Hamilton-bass, vcls/Doug Hamilton-snare, vcls with Al/Gary/Pete as The Horned Hornet Horns Divorce Me COD/Just Because (Carl Smith/Bob Shelton-Joe Shelton-Sid Robin) Setting The Woods […]

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Arthur Sheep/Axemen ETHER BREATHER HABITAT Lost SpacePunkJazz Gem

fellow travellers in spirit realms ARTHUR SHEEP saxophone M. S. AGRO bass BOB BRANNIGAN, STEVE McCABE guitars STU KOWALSKI drums, percussion recorded 10-12-83 at Steve’s, Christchurch (EARTHside) & FutureHabitatNOW, Antichristchurch (alterEarth side) cover design by Ron Nabbibang (Etherdom Free Skypilot) EARTHside the untouchables fred & barney looking for ms. brenda lee nice place (skin might […]

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aka Return to the Planet of “A Scar Is Born” Map 2a: Axemen in Christchurch, Jan-Aug 1984 By January 1984, McCabe and Brannigan share a house in Peterborough St, inner-city Christchurch, with Steve’s then-girlfriend Virg, her sister Bernie, and Lisa Preston. Notice how said house is positioned: almost on a straight line almost equidistant from […]

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