Derailing the terrain

This is a postcard-size reproduction of the large (A0) classroom poster prepared in the early 1990s by Axemen for use in NZ schools. Stevie was barely out of school himself when the band’s first few gigs took place in Dunedin in 1983, but when he moved into gainful employment later that year as a screenprinter, […]

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aka Return to the Planet of “A Scar Is Born” Map 2a: Axemen in Christchurch, Jan-Aug 1984 By January 1984, McCabe and Brannigan share a house in Peterborough St, inner-city Christchurch, with Steve‚Äôs then-girlfriend Virg, her sister Bernie, and Lisa Preston. Notice how said house is positioned: almost on a straight line almost equidistant from […]

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Knock-Knock Who’s-There Smell-Map

Map 1 here shows the whereabouts of various members of the Axemen in the first few months of the band’s existence. PHOTO-ESSAY: A LITTLE BIT OF YESTERDAY South Dunedin – home of the South Dunedin Sound. Maureen of the Empire Tavern about to burn life-size effigy of Little Stevie McCabe. <– South Dunedin | Starliners […]

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